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Eden-Rose Coppice Trust Ltd in Sudbury, Suffolk is the first project of its kind in the UK where woodlands are used as a free sanctuary for people living with Cancer or terminal illnesses. The intrinsically linked use of the sanctuary is for young people, especially those with learning disabilities, life limiting or behavioural problems, who work with mentors or carers and develop the site for our palliative care visitors. This integrated approach improves outcomes for both groups. A total of 2100 hours were spent on the development of the retreat by volunteer visits in 2011 by young people living with severe learning disabilities, serious illness or excluded from the conventional educational system. Currently fourteen people living with Cancer use the facility on a regular basis along with family and friends.

With regard to the life skill development benefit, this is about giving young people, especially with disabilities, serious illness or living with behavioural problems, the help, care and skills they need to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life and provide an unquestionable sense of satisfaction. Eden-Rose Coppice Trust promotes an additional healthy active lifestyle allowing a break from the structured classroom or clinical care, picking up great experiences and new skills along the way. All activities are under the guidance of the group’s carers or teachers.

As a consequence of the success of Eden-Rose Coppice Trust and its young volunteers, further demand is being put on the charity by a greater number of groups who wish to take part especially young volunteers who may otherwise be difficult to engage.

Under specialist guidance and the full permission of parents, institutions or professional carers, a large number of young people have successfully learnt specialist skills such as lawn mower usage, log splitting, tree maintenance, cooking and woodworking skills. These successes have been achieved by young people who have been excluded from the normal education system along with sixteen young people with sever learning disabilities who have achieved a competent supervised level on these skills and gone on to further develop skills at higher education facilities.

Whilst the development of skills at whatever level and the regular maintenance tasks of the site are almost limitless, the management and planning of the site is coming under severe pressure. The project is currently funded by the Founder but to ensure sustainability of this project and its many users, Eden-Rose Coppice works closely with funding groups.


If you can help in any way at all, please get in touch on 0800 772 3755.

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